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07/02/10 10:39 AM #14    


Susan King (Nelson)

 You guys and gals are so much fun I can hardly wait to see everyone and have some Hoots and laughs!!

07/02/10 05:11 PM #15    


Tom Howard

Shirley I don't think an owl will do  cuz I don't want to look dumb.

07/02/10 10:30 PM #16    


David Darais

Can't wait to see Tom.

07/03/10 05:28 PM #17    


Mike Merrill


John Lee's posting today made me feel great to be an American/Charger/Alive!!

The picture topped it off!!

So many great memories. Rock on, John


07/03/10 09:55 PM #18    


Jack Spencer

                                        Everyone Rememorize And Practice!



Firmly founded, Alma mater, ever true we'll be.
Here within your halls of learning pledge we loyalty.
We'll sing your praises, speed them onward, to the world proclaim
That we'll always shield and cherish Memorial High School's name.

* * * * * *
Memorial, Memorial, to you we will be true,
We'll fight, we'll fight, with all our might
For our red, white, and blue.
With pride and joy within our hearts
Our flag will always fly...
Memorial, Memorial, until the day we die.

Our victories we proudly show
To those who may deny.
Memorial, Memorial, our honors we hold high,
In memory of those who died
To keep their ideals strong...
Memorial, Memorial, forever we'll live on.

* * * * *

07/05/10 10:13 AM #19    

Leslie Roberts

Isn't the Pic of the Day the lovely Mike Merrill, who, if he could speak in that ladies bathroom pic, would say, "I've run out of quarters!  Can you float me a few?"

What I want to know is whether anyone was in the bathroom with Merrill?!

Tell the truth!

Leslie Roberts

07/05/10 05:00 PM #20    


Lisa Brown

I swear Leslie I wasn't there!

Mikey was my 9th grade prom date...his red, white and blue plaid pants were the hit of Byrd Jr. High's prom...though they didn't match my chocolate brown dress...oh, the memories...

lisa brown

07/08/10 12:11 AM #21    

Patrick Jordan

 Mike Merrill..............Mike needs to write a series of stories about his life in grade school....junior high.......high school....... OU......... and his career since college.  I know it would sell numerous volumes due to the many many people that would be named in those stories.  

07/08/10 08:58 AM #22    


Shirley Brown (Johnson)

Funny thing regarding the picture of the day that I was in.  That photo was taken in 1977.

In 2005 I was sitting in the waiting room of my vet's office.  In through the front doors came Jana Sumners.  She nearly stopped breathing.  Not because she saw me, rather because she thought she was seeing Lucy.  This was impossible, to say the least, because Jana remembered when Lucy died in 1986.

Our little Buddy is almost an exact 'copy' of Lucy.  I had no idea of how similar he was the night I saved him from going into the dumpster.  He was 4 weeks old and terrified.  I took him home to get him into foster care.  That was 5 years ago and another story

07/08/10 09:19 AM #23    

Shelly Dalton (Butler)

 Howdy Charger Gang!  Looking forward to seeing everyone next week.  I'll be there with rings on my fingers and piercings in my nose...ha only kidding.  I have no extra piercings, well at least not that are visible!  LOL.  John--I have no idea where you found that pic of me and even more surprising how to post photos.  Sad but very true.  I'm so I.T. dysfunctional. Is the Quick-trip still at 61st and Sheridan?  May have to stop by, get a koolie just for old time sakes.  Better not put any Bacardi in it since that is what got me in so much trouble in Royal Burger's parking lot! Until next week...keep the laughs coming. 

07/08/10 09:57 AM #24    


Shirley Brown (Johnson)

Oh my! Spiked Koolee's, I wonder how many of us did that?! Yup, I did  Unfortunately 'our' QT is now a Fox Cleaners  There is one at 51st & Sheridan that we could raid!  We could make that part of our Saturday Field trip!

07/08/10 03:07 PM #25    

Shelly Dalton (Butler)

 Hey all...I'm trying to get out of the dark ages so I think I loaded some photos on my check them out.  I'm so proud of my accomplishment...the little things we learn to celebrate.  :)

07/08/10 03:50 PM #26    


Shirley Brown (Johnson)

Whoohoo!  Way to go girl!

07/09/10 07:44 AM #27    

Shelly Dalton (Butler)

 I just had a flashback...I seem to recall tipping over outhouses, cows in the distances and I think it was a NY's Eve.  I believe I was with Ellie Wiloughby and some other guilty Charger folks.  I'm assuming we had some kind of spiked beverage which is why I can't recall who else was there other than the fact we were in a jeep.  How on earth did I ever graduate not just from HS but also college and a masters...I had to destroy more brain cells in a few years than allowed.  I see Ellie is one of the missing chargers.  Anyone know where she is?  

07/10/10 07:03 PM #28    


Tom Howard

I am shocked to find out that some of drank in high school.

07/11/10 11:10 AM #29    

Beth Donica

 Yes  Tom. Isn't it shocking? My 17-year old daughter doesn't get away with anything. Because I'm pretty sure I know all of the tricks!!!

07/11/10 07:31 PM #30    


Tom Howard

thats why Im a great dean of students, been there done that.

07/12/10 09:05 AM #31    


Shirley Brown (Johnson)

It is fun and interesting to see how the Party Hounds turned out!  The rules change when it comes to our own kids  

Mr. Howard, I have a special something for you!

07/12/10 11:59 AM #32    


Diane Thornton

I wonder how much the inside of the school will look like we remember it.  I just noted that they added an afternoon walk through for us old folks.  Nice.  I would personally like to punch the person who found and posted this dreadful picture of me!  Going to figure out how to update it.

07/12/10 05:05 PM #33    


Tom Howard

Great news John, there is  no need to spray paint that pigeon cuz I found a parrot.

07/13/10 03:33 PM #34    


Shirley Brown (Johnson)

I veto the parrot!  I got you something better  No, it is not the owl.

07/13/10 05:35 PM #35    


Jane Watkins

Geez, Tom, don't you remember Bi Koolees in Lamar cups.  I think I invented them. 

07/13/10 11:05 PM #36    


Tom Howard

Jane I plead the 5th

Shirley I am a little bit afraid, so just remember it has to be cocktail casual. No fasion faux pas

07/13/10 11:48 PM #37    


Shirley Brown (Johnson)

Dear Tom,

You can still be Dean of Students WITH my gift for you.  You and me, one on one   The parrot doesn't stand a chance!

07/14/10 09:28 AM #38    


Shirley Brown (Johnson)

LOL yeah, the two of them barely equal one of my dogs at home

I think your parrot might be afraid of the new friend I have for you

This weekend is going to be wonderific!  Tulsa/Catoosa will never be the same

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